Wine & Food Tastings

Wednesdays • 10 pm

We inhabit a world of the senses. Our senses are responsible for capturing and conveying all of our experiences to us. They are our only connection to the reality in which we operate. A lovely summer wind caressing our cheek must first be recorded and interpreted by our senses before our brains can comprehend it. Odors causes the nostrils to burn, the eardrums to vibrate, and the eyes to perceive fiery magenta and cobalt blue. Sound, color, touch, smell, and taste are the five senses that lead us through the world. Nothing awakens the senses more than eating, and nothing makes more sense than savoring a delicious meal. And from this sentiment comes our Wine & Food Tasting event.

The Wines

To pursue superior wines is to pursue happiness itself. No matter how hard we strive, the barrels always gets the last word, and we must respect its seasons. Rock Salt always looks for the best and latest harvests. We do this in an effort to make the kitchen more honest, but primarily because it produces by far the best flavor. If you observe our dishes, you will also notice that they are always made to contemplate the wine of choice.

The Food

Our kitchen's philosophy is to create bold flavors by enhancing the essence of seasonal ingredients and pairing with the best wines. Our secret meals are prepared with handmade ingredients on the day of the event and coupled with locally sourced ingredients of the finest quality. We always strive to provide the best taste and preparation for our guests, celebrating the poetry of nature and inventiveness in pursuit of a sensory-immersive eating experience.

*We cannot accommodate all dietary restrictions and food allergies. Please check particular menu requirements with the restaurant prior to making a reservation.

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